01 will appear every 100 years, and another person who looks the same-another person in parallel time and space.
There are rumors that every 100 years, there will be people who look exactly like themselves. Experience different lives with similar faces, and the arrangement of fate is really wonderful.

For example, Angie Chiu is the immortal goddess in the hearts of many of us. Since she was selected as Miss Hong Kong in 1973, she has been called beautiful. Now that she is over 70 years old, she is still very elegant, as if years have been particularly good to her in a hurry.

China soprano Jiang Ying is an old artist who is full of peaches and plums. She is the daughter of Jiang Baili, a military educator, and the wife of Qian Xuesen, the father of China’s science system. She was born more than 30 years before Angie Chiu.

These two people who can’t beat each other are strikingly similar when they were young. They are both so beautiful and elegant, and their charm is almost the same.

Do more than three groups of Avatar on the earth have blue blood?
Avatar is the world’s first 3D movie. The reruns in the first half of the year made it surpass Avengers 4 and become the highest-grossing movie in the world again.

In fact, in real life, there are also real blue skin.

An explorer saw a few blue people in the vast Sahara desert. They are as smart as Smurfs, but as soon as they see people of other colors, they will run away immediately.

Some people call them “blue people” because their skin is blue.

The reasons why these people have blue skin have given many different conclusions in science.

There are two recognized types. One is that there is a kind of “superhigh blood group protein” in the blood, but there is no enzyme to control the growth of protein, so the blood is blue, and blue blood leads to blue skin.

Second, scientists believe that this is a pathological state, because some chemical components in the blood have changed abnormally, leading to “special pathological genes.”

The indissoluble bond between skin color and environment-if you want to be cold and white, go to the hills in a group!
The difference in appearance between north and south is mentioned above. In fact, apart from the north and south, although the skin color in the east and west of China will not be clearly distinguished as yellow, white and black, relevant scientific surveys show that the skin color will change with the change of environment.

The difference of skin color between east and west is related to the topography of China. As we all know, China is characterized by high northwest and low southeast. Abundant rain, lush forests and high air humidity in the hilly areas of eastern mountainous areas will weaken solar radiation. The human body will receive less ultraviolet rays and the skin will be whiter.

Due to the lack of oxygen in the air, the number of red blood cells that transport oxygen in the human body increases, coupled with the stimulation of ultraviolet rays and sandstorms, the skin color is darker.

So, if you want to turn white, go to the eastern hilly area!

Beard is also a “colored species”-the last stubborn beard, which is useless.
When you see how many colors the beard has, do you hear the surprise that there are brown pandas besides black in the world?

It can prevent garbage from entering the nasal cavity, but because the incidental oil secretion can’t be discharged, it is labeled as a “useless” beard. It also comes in four colors: black, brown, gold and silver.

Among people with golden beards, black beards and yellow beards are often mixed together, most of them are black beards and a few are yellow beards.

There is also a view that the color of the beard is divided into pigments, and the golden beard is caused by a beard containing titanium.

However, this kind of beard appears more in fairy tales.

A silver beard means a white beard.

People with silver beards are often regarded as noble morality and extraordinary wisdom. The image of silver beard often appears in China’s historical legends. For example, the old gentleman in Taishang has a long silver beard.

05 husband and wife = look alike? -Start the assimilation of two people.
The word “husband and wife” is now used to mean that husband and wife are similar in appearance, but it is more than that.

Psychological research shows that the similarity of husband and wife’s inner hobbies, values, lifestyles and personality characteristics will also promote their feelings and attractiveness.

In the study of interpersonal attraction, similar people are attracted to each other is the most consistent finding.

Come to think of it, the friends and partners we admire are similar to ourselves in some ways.

Similar ages, similar life experiences and the same interests and hobbies are the manifestations of mutual attraction.

Similarly, if a couple is very harmonious and happy because of similar sexual life, then their lives must be full of happiness, and synchronous smiles will appear on their faces, and the position of “smiles” will be the same, which will also increase the similarity of husband and wife’s appearance in this respect.

In other words, in the long-term common life, two people imitate each other and cooperate tacitly, which will gradually form more and more similarities, especially the consistency of expression, action and expression, forming the so-called “husband and wife stage”.

So, love her (him) just as she (he) grows the same wrinkles ~

Ancient Indians will be sentenced to death for their ugly appearance-fortunately, it is the 21st century.
Ancient Indians attached great importance to people’s appearance, and the Cateo people in the upper reaches of the Indus River chose the person with the best appearance as the king.

There is also an incredible rule that a baby should be judged by the public after two months to determine whether his appearance meets the legal standards and decide whether he should continue to live.

If the children are recognized as ugly, the judge will be sentenced to death.

We often say that “one white covers all the ugliness”, and ancient Indians also advocate whitening.

In 3000 BC, they began to whiten with lead powder. Later, this cosmetic formula spread to China, Greece and Rome, and was welcomed by local women.

In ancient India, not only women put on makeup, but also men in some big cities put on makeup.

After taking a bath every day, they should coat their bodies with fat and sprinkle some spices on their clothes. Their eyes were dyed with medicine, their lips were dyed, and then they were coated with a thin layer of wax to prevent fading. They also dye their beards in many colors, such as white, black, red, purple or grass green.

People can control their appearance-a scientific research based on mind.
The natural physiognomy of each of us cannot be changed, but besides the physiognomy, the posture and face can be “controlled by ourselves”.

I don’t know if you will have a kind of “xxx is crooked” or “xxx doesn’t know where it has changed, but it just feels wrong”, which is the performance of “mutual mind”.

The so-called mutual affection is actually to change one’s attitude and lifestyle. The changes in these places are enough to make people feel that this person’s appearance has changed very obviously.

Acquired habits can change people’s appearance to a great extent, such as changing temperament through posture training, increasing vitality through exercise, and changing skin through diet. These are all processes of “controlling appearance”.
The information people send to the world will eventually be fed back to their own hearts. For example, if we send the message “I am beautiful” to the universe, the universe will give us the message “You are beautiful”.

Does the eight-pack abdominal muscle come from fish?
You may not believe that the eight-pack abdominal muscles pursued by modern aesthetics are typical human evolutionary residues.

It is found that the muscle characteristics of 8 abdominal muscles separated from connective tissue are consistent with the muscle texture of fish. Fish has always retained this feature in the process of evolution.

In the process of continuous evolution, a large number of terrestrial animals have lost this feature. Only humans still retain rectus abdominis, and many people get more obvious abdominal muscles through exercise.

This has also become a major feature of the evolution of marine fish into humans.

The above is the content of the cold knowledge that Xiao Yin brought you. Paying too much attention to beauty will make people feel insecure. A person’s best state is her

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